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03 December 2019 (01:36) -
Client released.

  03 Dec 2019 - Direct Download


If you are facing any problems using our launcher, download here the direct .zip client.

See you!

posted by Rafael

  03 Dec 2019 - Client Released


Launcher released for download here.

If you get any problem, contact us on Discord here and ask for direct client download.

posted by Rafael

  27 Nov 2019 - Guilds Tournament


Primera will have a new feature, the guilds tournament that's explained here.

In short is a system that will count points for killing other guild members and leveling beeing in a guild. At the end, the most powerful guild will earn a prize pool.

The final prize pool will be defined according the average active players on this season, starting at R$ 2.000,00 and without limits to grow.

Also we are happy to announce that our antibot system is finally fixed and will work at this season.

Best regards.

posted by Rafael

  20 Nov 2019 - New Season


At december 3 we will launch a new season called Primera, and all players and accounts of the old season were merged to Eternity, an eternal world that will receive players from all those new seasoned servers. 

This will make you don't lose your characters and accounts, if you wanna keep playing after seasoned server hype goes out, and give a bigger population to Eternity in some time.

Primera will have the same rates and systems from the old season, but with some modifications:

  1. The antibot system was fixed and finally working, it was tested at the end of the old season;
  2. You cannot make runes if you are stacked anymore, this avoid massive house runemaking;
  3. A new guild war system is beeing developed and after 2 weeks of server will be activated. The guild winner will win a prize pool in dolars that will be transfered through Paypal, Bitcoin or brazilian bank transfer.

In some days we will have more information about it and start advertising.

We are the only OTS that are able to host a South American server without DDoS or connection issues, we did it for 9 months, with the best ping ever seen. We hope you enjoy!

posted by Rafael

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