Realistic World Battle: SERVER STARTED!

Guilds Tournament


Guilds on the Realistic server are for PVP-only players who will participate in the new Guild Warfare Tournament, so if that's not your idea, don't join a guild.
After ten days of server, the possibility of guild creation will open, where only players level 50 or more can participate creating and integrating some.

Each player can only join a single guild once, and if they do so and leave or get kicked out, they will be out of the system until the end of the tournament.
By joining a guild, you will automatically be at war with all other existing guilds, and this is demonstrated in game by the guild emblems next to your player, green for allies, red for enemies and gray for those without guilds (not in the system).

This means that there will be no frags on kills among guild players, which are unlimited, bringing greater possibility of less punishing battles and keeping control of the powerabusers with neutrals, that will be protected in the standard system of frags punishing the aggressor with red skull and banishment.

In addition to no kill counts between guild killers, there will be the experience for killing system, where the dead player's lost experience will be shared between those who killed him, with one exception: both guilds must have at minimum ten members to prevent the sale of deaths.

The tournament scoring system will work in two ways: with increasing and decreasing points.

The first way to increase will be when the player raises a level, in order to dominate the server, where the new level will be divided by 3 and will be added as a guild point. Example: You level up from level 99 to 100, your guild will earn 50 points.

The second way to raise will be by killing players from another guild, where the dead player's level will be multiplied by 2 and added as points in the guild if he is killed (last damage) by someone in his guild. Example: Your guild killed a level 100 enemy, you will earn 200 points.

The only way to lower the points is to die for another guild's player (last damage), and your level divided by 2 will be decreased from your guild's points. Example: You at level 100 died for another guild, your guild loses 50 points.

At the end of 4 weeks of server, on January 3, 2020, the guild that gets the most points will win the prize that will be sent to the bank account of its leader (or foreigner), by Paypal.


The prize pool will be defined according the avarage of online players, starting with the minimum of 2.000,00 R$.

Any violation that brings advantage to a guild, whether for selling death or any other abuse, will end in banishment to those involved, according to criteria set by the Realistic team, also YOUR ACCOUNT IS YOUR REPONSABILITY, so don't use same password of other servers because hacking may decrease your guild points.

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