Realistic World Battle: SERVER STARTED!
03 December 2019 (01:36) -
Client released.

  13 Dec 2019 - Guilds Tournament


Guilds Tournament has started. Remember that you can join only one guild, so make sure while choosing your team.

posted by Rafael

  12 Dec 2019 - Guilds Tournament


Tomorrow at 19:00 BRT the Guilds Tournament will start and you will be allowed to create and join a guild. After joining, automatically you will be on tournament.

The tournament ends on December 23 and the guild with most points will earn R$ 2.000,00 prize pool, sent to guild leader.

Read more about the rules and how it will work here.

Remember that since it's a new system it can get reviewed and modified anytime to balance.

Good luck!

posted by Rafael

  03 Dec 2019 - Direct Download


If you are facing any problems using our launcher, download here the direct .zip client.

See you!

posted by Rafael

  03 Dec 2019 - Client Released


Launcher released for download here.

If you get any problem, contact us on Discord here and ask for direct client download.

posted by Rafael

  27 Nov 2019 - Guilds Tournament


Primera will have a new feature, the guilds tournament that's explained here.

In short is a system that will count points for killing other guild members and leveling beeing in a guild. At the end, the most powerful guild will earn a prize pool.

The final prize pool will be defined according the average active players on this season, starting at R$ 2.000,00 and without limits to grow.

Also we are happy to announce that our antibot system is finally fixed and will work at this season.

Best regards.

posted by Rafael

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